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Power supplies for dielectric barrier discharges
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Power supplies for dielectric barrier discharges



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1 Introduction 

1.1 What is Ultra-Violet (uv) Radiation Useful for?

1.2 Artificial uv Sources

1.3 Main Advantages of DBD Excilamps 

1.4 DBD Excilamps Technology Landmarks

1.5 Improvement Opportunities 

1.6 Objectives 


2 Literature Review 

2.1 DBD Excimer uv Lamps

2.2 Power Supplies for DBDS 

2.3 Characteristics of Commercial DBD Excilamp Based Systems 

2.4 Summary 


3 Parametric Control of DBD Excilamp Electrical Power 

3.1 Control ofLamp Power with Three Degrees ofFreedom

3.2 Square-shape Current Supply Design 

3.3 Considerations for Implementation

3.4 Components Selection 

3.5 Implementation Results

3.6 Conclusions


4 Parametric Study of the Operating Point Influence on DBD Excilamp Performance

4.1 Experimental Set-up 

4.2 Impact ofLamp Current Intensity 

4·3 lmpact ofthe Lamp Operating Frequency

4.4 Best Performance Operating Conditions

4.5 Conclusions 


5 Higli Efficiency DBD Power Supply Working at the Optimal Operating Point

5.1 Topology: SRI Operated in DCM 

5.2 Components Selection and Simulations

5.3 Experimental Results 

5.4 Conclusions 


6 DBD Supplies Comparison

6.1 Analytical Design

6.2 Converters Design and Simulations

6·3 Experimental Results 

6.4 Conclusions 


7 Application Case: KrCI DBD uv Excilamp Germicidal Effectiveness

7.1 Procedures and Resources 

7.2 Results 

7.3 Conclusions


8 General Conclusions

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